Welcome to Vodral Exchange

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Welcome to Vodral Exchange

VODRAL, the legendary investment dragon of 2021

Buy, sell and exchange in a fast and secure platform without trading fees

Vodral network has been established with a different and new platform in 2021 and thousands of tokens with the dragon symbol will be created on the Vodral network with different goals for changing and improving investment in world, which can be buy and sell in Vodral exchange, and also a new Vodral app will be presented to the world for holding sub-currencies.

VODRAL will be presented to the world with its three legends :

  • A network different from Blockchain network.
  • A secure and fast exchange connected to Vodral network.
  • An app for fast and easy payments in all countries.
Welcome to Vodral Exchange
Logo Token Price Chart Network
Vodral King(KING) 18.2472 $
wyvern(WYRN) 1 $
BNB Vodral(BNVO) 500.000792 $
Afrodit(AFROD) 9.993 $
Chamrosh(CHAM) 1.969 $
Puyano(PUYA) 3.0933333333332 $
Harpagornis(HARIS) 5.0433333333333 $
Batnimi(NIMI) 2.6184 $