Vodral Company

Vodral company's field of activity is in financial and capital markets. After gaining experience and working in different financial markets and dealing with problems in financial fields, we tried to launch a financial and economic system different from the existing financial system in the world.

Vodral company has had polymer banknotes from about 7 years ago and also has 5 exclusive tokens. Vodral company has launched its own exchange and network separately from the existing networks in the blockchain and is developing and upgrading them so that by creating all the necessary financial infrastructure, it can create an economic system that only a few powerful people can make huge profits from, break down and create a powerful system and network for the benefit of all its users.


Of course, with the development and advancement of the digital world, Vodral Company is developing and progressing in its fields of work and will soon reveal its virtual lands under the name of Vodral Transland along with 8 exclusive tokens for buying and selling within the territory of Transland in the digital world. and of course we should know that Vodral company seeks to correct the problems in the financial markets and existing networks with regard to benefiting all sections of the society, on this basis Vodral network has created a separate network away from the manipulation of special and rich people and in this network All the data available in the network is made available to the public with authentication, with this method it is not possible to hack and abuse the user's information, and at the same time, it is available to all users.

In order to prevent profiteers and fraudsters, it will not be possible to create a token without authentication and building capital blocks in the Vodral network, which prevents wandering and aimless projects that exist in the blockchain network only to abuse and defraud people. And only efficient people with high ability are able to build new projects so that users can confidently invest in Vodral network and be sure that the project will go forward with a specific purpose and not just grow with the advertisements of famous people and the injection of capital into an aimless project. And after some time, without advancing the specific goal of the capitalists, with the withdrawal of their capital, they cause the failure and loss of the users' capital.

Therefore, in order to build a dynamic and healthy capitalist system, we must build a powerful platform with strong rules for the expansion of the global economy in order to prevent inflation and economic problems in the world and to be able to create projects that are launched on the network with the supervision of the Vodral network. Let us progress in the areas of production and innovation in different fields, not by creating a network like blockchain to only bring huge profits to certain people and destroy people's capital with apparent profits and false advertisements and destroy all the physical and valuable projects in the physical world. Go and just based on a series of codes that are made in the digital world and do not have a special function in the world and stay away from the main goal which was to facilitate life and speed up physical projects.

It is worth mentioning that due to the staggering costs of the blockchain network and the consumption of resources needed to extract currencies, the world of tomorrow will face more problems. Therefore, unlike the blockchain network, Vodral network does not receive any fees for performing processes within its network, and the only fee that users will have to pay is when they need to leave Vodral's internal network. Therefore, Vodral network is a very low cost network with high data processing speed, away from any abuse by famous and powerful people against hacking and is being upgraded.